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Peace Church Pearland
Time and Talents 2022 Survey 

"I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing.  He will do even greater things that these."
-John 14:12

Please fill out this form if you haven't already or if your serving interests have changed.  In response to God's Gifts to me and as an expression of my devotion to Christ I am interested in giving of my time to serve in the following ways:

(Please check those areas where you have an interest in serving.)

Worship Ministry Team
Discipleship Ministry Team
Stewardship Ministry Team
Outreach Ministry Team
Mission Ministry Team
Congregational Care Ministry Team
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Team members attend one monthly or quarterlyTeam Meeting. Some members of each Team serve on the Session (governing board of elders), and they have one additional monthly meeting.

Share your thoughts! If you have ideas for other areas where you can serve inside or outside the church, please let us know at