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Peace Church Pearland
 Ministry Teams 

Our Mission: Sharing the love of Jesus, growing in faith, and serving with our gifts to glorify God.


"The peace that passes all understanding will rule in your hearts and minds" Philippians 4:7

Our Discipleship Team's charge is to make disciples of Jesus Christ through outreach and evangelism activities, and to equip disciples through Bible Studies and Sunday Morning classes for all ages and stages. We sponsor an annual Vacation Bible School for our kids and the community. All of our Sunday Morning Classes, for children, youth, and adults begin at 10:10 a.m.  Our Nursery is open for infants through 4 years old in our facility. 


The Mission Team seeks ways to ensure that the church is involved in tangible ways that witness to the love of Jesus Christ locally, internationally and in between. While making our fellowship aware of occasions for monetary giving, our primary thrust is developing opportunities for hands-on service. 


The Outreach Team is responsible for membership interaction with the community and community interaction with membership. Includes mission opportunities, service opportunities, servant opportunities, visibility of the church in the community (advertising, walks), seeks ways to bless the immediate Pearland community and encourages individual blessings by members/friends in their work places, recreations spaces, and homes. 


Jesus said, "If you want to be great in God's kingdom, learn to be the servant of all."

Our Stewardship Team's charge is to use the resources God has given us to grow our church and serve our world. This team is responsible for Long Range Planning, for setting our annual budget, supervising our Information Technology, our Personnel and Property issues, and paying the bills. 

We believe that we exist to serve one another and to to serve our community and the world. We hold several food drives and benefit concerts for the Christian Helping Hands ministry of Pearland. At Christmas we collect gifts for the Forgotten Angels, a ministry in Pearland that supports mentally-challenged adults. We believe we are called to be good stewards of the gifts God has given us and the resources we have at our disposal. In the Presbyterian Church, once a year we ask the membership to make a pledge of time, labor and money toward the coming year. We ask members to fill out a Time and Talent sheet indicating the areas where they wish to volunteer their time and an anonymous pledge card indicating the amount of money they will pledge toward the ministry and mission of Peace in the coming year. The amount pledged will be between you and the Lord. It will give the Stewardship Team an idea of what to expect in income so the team can budget appropriately for the coming year. Up to this point we have BEEN a mission. Now that we are a chartered church we are moving forward IN MISSION, looking for ways that we can return the favors that have been extended to us to help us reach this point. Come help us find ways to serve others so we too can be counted by Jesus as "great in God's kingdom." 


The Worship Team is responsible for everything that goes on in worship - the music, video and sound projection, greeters and ushers, preparing the elements for communion, printing and folding bulletins, special offerings, choirs, drama, banners, flowers and occasional concerts and special services of worship and even occasional Hymn Sings throughout the year.  At both services we do hold to an order of service, and are guided through that service by a bulletin that features responsive readings, and prayers of adoration, confession, thanksgiving, petition and intercession. Participants are invited to fill out a prayer and praise card which is given to the pastor during the service so he can incorporate the requests into his pastoral prayer following the sermon. Through his presentation of the Word through his sermons, our pastor works diligently to present timeless gospel in a timely fashion. He also has a special message for the children after which the children are invited to sit with their family and friends. We provide an activity bag for young children and parents of preschool children can take their children to the nursery if they so choose. 

Congregational Care

Responsible for overseeing care groups and pastoral care needs of the church.