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Peace Church Pearland
 Small Groups @ Peace Church 

At Peace Church it is our hope that EVERYONE who joins us and gets involved will find a group where they are known well, cared for, and where they feel at home.  Our hope is that we all would be part of a group that spends time studying scripture, praying for one another, and having FUN together!  Some of our groups are also just fellowship groups that get together to enjoy a relaxed time of sharing meals and sharing conversation.  Check out a group below and feel free to email the contact person to learn more.  Join us some time!

Weekday Small Groups:
Big Questions Discussion Group: Join Pastor Scott each Wednesday at 7 p.m. as he hosts small group at Iguana Rana’s Restaurant (6200 Broadway/518) to encourage people outside the church to join.  It will be an open discussion of the big questions of life. Join us! 

Thursday Morning Prayer Group: This group meets on Zoom (link sent by request to the Office Administrator - on Thursday mornings at 9:30 a.m. to share prayer concerns and pray together.  Most meetings last about 30 minutes.  All are welcome to participate!

Sunday Morning Small Groups

PeaceKids Sunday School is currently meeting at 11:15am here at Peace Church in the kids room at the back of the building! We'd love to have your kids join us! 

PeaceYouth Sunday School class meets at 11:15am in Pastor Scott's office each Sunday.  This group, which is often led by the students with adults to supervise, uses the scripture of the sermon each week and discussion questions from the Serendipity Bible for Group Study.  The focus is learning how to apply the wisdom from scripture to the lives of the students.  Each meeting also begins with a "check-in" to see how things are going in the lives of the students.  Send your youth!

Adult Sunday School Classes:

Bible Study Class will meet every Sunday at 9:00 a.m. (Contact us for Zoom link!)  The Adult Bible Study Class is a more verse-by-verse class that focuses on the meaning of the text of whatever book of the Bible being studied and how those verses apply to living out our faith today.  Each class begins with the sharing of prayer concerns and praying as requested.  The class is currently studying the book of 1 John, and recently completed a study of the gospel according to Matthew.  The group meets in the multipurpose room at the back of the church and on Zoom.  We'd love to have you!

Adult Acts Class will meet every Sunday at 11:15am - Meeting In-Person (No longer on Zoom) The Adult Acts class is studying the book “Refresh Your Faith” by Lori Hatcher.  Get your book today on Amazon or other retailers.  The focus of the class is putting the wisdom of the book and the scripture it's based on into ACTION.  This class meets in the Office Administrator's office at the front of the building just off the lobby.  All invited!

APP Class (APPLICATION CLASS) will meet every Sunday at 11:15am (Zoom link shared as needed)  The Adult App Class is using a video study based on the book, "Surprised By Hope", by N. T. Wright.  We discuss the opening questions in the leader guide, watch the video, then do the Bible study that goes with the topic of the day.  This class meets in the lobby of Grappling Zone, our neighbor in the shopping center to the left of the front door of the church as you approach it.  Join us!

Fellowship Groups:

Ladies Brunch: Ladies Brunch meets every 4th Saturday of the month at 10:30am at LaMadeleine's Cafe in the Pearland Town Center. This group meets at a local restaurant once a month for food, fun and fellowship! 

PeaceFriends Fellowship:  This group is open to all adults in the church and will meet once a month (Usually the 3rd Saturday of the month) for food, fun, & fellowship!  It is hosted by various folks in the church in their homes.  Keep an eye on our announcement in the weekly update in the bulletin and newsletter for more details.

more information d the Zoom link to this group then!