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Peace Church Pearland


As a partner of Peace Church Pearland in the Vision 2020 Plan, I commit to being on mission with our vision and strategy. Specifically, I commit to help our church GROW to twice our membership, BUILD or buy our own space, and PLANT the gospel through involvement in church planting in some way.  I’ll do this by the power of the Holy Spirit and through the grace found in Christ Jesus our Lord.

As a partner of Peace Church Pearland in the VISION 2020 Plan, specifically I will:


- Pursue intentional, transparent relationships with non-Christians in my sphere of influence and invite people to Peace Church events including Sunday worship.

- Be involved with the living out and sharing of the gospel both locally and beyond with Peace Church, committing to using some of the missional ideas or other ways to share Jesus.

- Be welcoming and hospitable to all guests that join us on Sundays in worship and wherever else we gather.  I will not save seats, criticize the attire of others, give rude glances to people who do not look like we do, or neglect to welcome ANYONE who comes to us.  I will also seek to welcome people appropriately without being pushy or overeager.


- Actively share information I hear concerning available properties and opportunities.

- Use whatever influence I have in helping the church to raise the funds for this facility through our own gifts, grants, and partnerships with other organizations that seek to bless our community.


- Learn about what opportunities exist for evangelism through new churches.

- Keep an open mind toward the Holy Spirit and consider how God might want to use me to be involved in church planting.


- Pray that God will send people to our church so that we might grow as he desires.

- Commit to pray for God’s guidance and provision in providing a more permanent facility for our church through purchase of an existing building or buying property and building a new facility.

- Pray for any and all gospel-based, Bible preaching new churches that are bringing unbelievers to know the Lord.

- Pray now for God to show our leadership how he wants us to get involved in church planting.

I recognize that these commitments are not requirements for being a Christian but rather what it looks like to truly partner with Peace Church Pearland in the VISION 2020 Plan. The motive of these commitments is to shape and encourage Godly character in our us as we seek God's will for the future of our church. As such I commit to meeting yearly with the pastor for follow-up encouragement and help in these pursuits.
I pledge to give financially to support the VISION 2020 Plan of Peace Church over the next five years with a gift in the amount below.